Not just z, but zzzzzz

I got up late this morning. I kept going back to sleep. Must have been all that strenuous gardening yesterday. It is raining, which I heard when I first woke just before 7 o’clock and so there seemed no great incentive to leap out of bed and do anything. However, Ro and I are planning to go into Norwich in a while as he has shopping to do and then we are going to the cinema. I’ve said he can borrow my car if he wants to go alone but he’s a bit wary of it as it’s long and looks a bit unmanÅ“uvrable (not sure if I should have left the e in there before the able but at least I put in the diphthong).

I’ve had the car a couple of months now and like it, and there are still plenty of switches and buttons that I haven’t investigated yet. Of course I could read the manual and find it all out, but it’s like a marriage/close personal relationship, quite fun finding out something new once in a while. Whether or not that involves switches and buttons……..

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