Not building bridges

I can’t cope with the sort of stuff that I used to find stimulating.  I only slept for a couple of hours last night.  In the end, I got up and made bread – which I’d planned to anyway, today.  I make a loaf, slice and freeze it, and then we take out pieces when we need them.  I seem to have got the recipe right, at last, so that’s good.  I like a bit of interest, so put seeds and stuff in, but if there’s too much then it’s rather heavy and doesn’t go so well with LT’s breakfast marmalade.  I like poppy seeds on top but I can’t do it now, too much risk of black bits in the teeth – but I’ve bought white poppy seeds from the Exotic Supermarket, so I put some sesame and white poppy seeds on top and that was perfect.  I’m going to make bread for the blog party (sorry, BW, I’ll see if I can find anything wheat free to make too – is it just wheat or anything with gluten?…if you’re coming, that is).

I did all I planned to today except tidy the dining room, which isn’t very interesting and rain is forecast tomorrow, so I can do that then.  Or not.

I’m entertaining myself at present by planning my funeral music.  Not that I have any reason to expect it to be imminent or even in the offing, but it’s always good to be prepared.  In case anyone thinks I’m being gloomy, I would like cheerful funeral music.  And preferably, not quite yet.

2 comments on “Not building bridges

  1. Blue Witch

    While we’re hoping to be there, please don’t worry about special bread. It is only wheat though.

    Have you tried making bread with yoghurt (as well as yeast)? I left a batch of yoghurt in the flask for too long recently, and it was overly-acidic, and not to my taste for eating – but it made fab bread (rye and caraway – lots of recipes online, but I just looked then made it up – as no doubt you do too).

  2. Z Post author

    My mother used to make cornbread, years ago. I will scout around. I forgot the yoghurt a couple of weeks ago, but it was just salvageable – I didn’t have time to experiment then as I was about to go away. I was listening to Kitchen Cabinet – I think it was from Kettering – I download radio programmes to listen to, I don’t listen to anything live any more – and someone made a sort of mascarpone-style cheese using lemon juice, as you would with paneer. Afterwards, they used the leftover whey for soda bread. Though you’d have to make an awful lot of it, there’s more whey than cheese.


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