Not a cloud in the sky

After the last couple of days, it’ll take a while to re-establish my frivolous credentials. Hm. Haven’t had breakfast yet. I’ll go and open a bottle or two of champagne while I think about it.

Won’t think very hard though. The sun’s shining.

7 comments on “Not a cloud in the sky

  1. Dave

    I think it’s OK to share with one’s friends that one isn’t frivolous all the time.

    Just as one doesn’t do it too often. 😉

  2. Z

    Hello, Dotterel, delighted to meet you.

    I might have said that to set the mood a bit – but there’s always some in the fridge. Champagne is a splendid pick-me-up, isn’t it?

    Absolutely, Dave. In both respects.

  3. The Boy

    We cracked a bottle of champagne last night. There was a reason, but sitting out in the last rays of the sun would have been just as good a reason!

  4. Z

    As long as they have already hatched, Gordie.

    There’s very little justification required for opening a bottle of champagne – but it always makes a celebration.


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