Norfolk ‘n’ cluckin’ good

I say, it’s tremendously exciting. The world-renowned Ch1cken R0undabout has its own website. Do take a look, darlings.

It’s not all about chickens. There’s the famous Leaning P0stb0x of D1tch1ngham and the Karate Nunn, too!

5 comments on “Norfolk ‘n’ cluckin’ good

  1. martina

    I’ve read about eccentric English villages and the characters who live there,but had no idea that a friend lived in one. A karate nun? Chickens in the middle of the road/roundabout? A leaning mailbox?Ay yi yi!!!At least you aren’t one of the eccentrics, Z. Just probably one of the most loved residents.

  2. Z

    The chickens, certainly, are absolutely true. When Bernard Matthews’ chickens developed bird ‘flu 9 miles down the road as a result of their poor hygiene, not helped by their initial hedging at the fact that they brought in chicks from their Eastern European factory, where locally there was an outbreak of exactly the same strain of flu, there was local concern that the roundabout chickens would be culled. However, they are wild birds and so protected. The photos are accurate, they wander all over the main road.


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