No rest for Z

The Sage has just left to catch the 9.17 Diss to London train. It’s blowing a gale and I’ve asked him to phone once he arrives at the station. I don’t think I’ll stop worrying until he arrives home this evening.

I’m staying put right here. He’s gone in my car and I can’t bike in this. I have no excuse at all not to catch up with all my work.

I went to bed early last night, before 11 pm. You know the saying that each hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after? Well, it needs to be. Whenever I’m foolish enough to have an early night, I’m awake for ages in the small hours. Glad we moved the bed though – a howling wind from nearly 20 feet away is quite different from one right behind your head.

It’s odder than I thought it would be, being on the ‘wrong’ side of the room. I am, of course, on the same side of the bed, but it doesn’t feel like it.

I’ll go and make breakfast now and read the papers. No need for an early start, is there?

8 comments on “No rest for Z

  1. Dave

    Having been for my morning constitutional, to pick up the paper and buy a loaf of bread, I can confirm it is a little blustery out. Made a right mess of my hairdo.

  2. J.J

    It is quite disorientating isn’t it when you move furniture around. I changed my living room after 7 years just recently – it feels almost as though we have all moved house it feels so different.

    Better though. I should have done it as it is now 7 years ago!

  3. Z

    Hairspray, Dave, that’s what you need.

    Hello, JJ – yes, I love moving stuff around. I don’t do it as much as I used to, as there’s so much furniture in this house now after 22 years, which limits the possibilities.

  4. Ad

    there’s so much furniture in this house now after 22 years, which limits the possibilities.

    I disagree, there’s nothing like graph paper and scale sized cut outs of furniture to jiggle around, hurrah for interchangeability (sp?)

    Z, you are my cyber comfort blanket during a spell of ill health.

  5. Z

    Thank you, dear heart, that was an unexpected and most welcome compliment. I do hope you’ll be better soon and send you a special kiss – X to make you better.

    Graph paper…scale cut-outs – heh heh, do I look like I plan things? I’m doing well if I remember to measure a space. When my piano comes back I haven’t yet worked out where it’ll go. There isn’t a piano-sized space left on the ground floor, and we’re not having a right, said Fred issue here.

  6. PI

    The trouble is on the days when I linger in a dressing gown – sure as eggs are eggs someone will call.
    I have to have all doors – wardrobe especially – closed in the bed-room.

  7. Z

    I prefer to have the bedroom door open, which is a throw-back to years of listening out for children.

    I always get dressed straight away. Not doing so is a sure way of getting unexpected callers. I’m caught often enough with my hair wet as it is!


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