No post today, Z’s been busy

Fortunately, as Dandelion said, yesterday’s post was quite long enough to keep us all busy for a few days, because today turned out to be busier than expected and I want to go to bed. I had to work this morning (yes I know, your heart bleeds), then an appointment, then babysat, then straight off to a meeting.

This meeting was flagged as starting at 3.45 for 4, as if it was a rather precise soirĂ©e. I arrived at 3.45 and no one else was there, so I went off to the other side of the building, signed in, came back, put the kettle on and it was only as I was making tea that everyone else started to arrive. At 6, the Sage rang to see where I was. At 6.20, we decided that next time we’d start earlier – it wasn’t such a long meeting, it only seemed so because of the in-between time of starting, neither after lunch nor evening.

When I arrived home, the phone was ringing. “any chance of a babysitter this evening – er, in 10 minutes?” asked Al. Spuds pierced and shoved into oven, whole lots of sensible-and-healthy snacks plus a bottle of wine grabbed, a newspaper and a book picked up and I was there in time to read bedtime stories. When the Sage arrived home, we swapped places for five minutes while I cooked eggs and vegetables, then we ate together.

Oh, and I weighed myself today.

7 comments on “No post today, Z’s been busy

  1. Z

    You can’t have failed to spot the Great Muscle’n’Fitness’n’WeightLoss hoo-ha over the last three months, can you, Pat?

    I’m ahead of schedule – but then my doctor gave me an absurdly casual schedule. He knows me well enough to speak his mind, and to say resignedly “you don’t take pills, do you?” but not enough to know that suggesting losing a pound a month is anything but too boring.


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