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Excuse a second post, darlings – I’ve just had an email from Sue, who has been speaking to Gill again. ¬†Andy is a lot better now – God knows how useless that hospital must have been in Madeira, because it’s taken the NHS one day to have him sitting up and eating a light meal, and off all the drips he’d been on for nearly a month. ¬†They have found that he had a slight stroke and they’re doing further tests – there is an implication that the illness caused the stroke, not the other way round, but we’ll see.

8 comments on “News on Andy

  1. 63mago

    A light stroke. My neighbour here suffered from a series of light strokes 2008, a man notably younger than me, in his mid-thirties. He recovered very well, no damages left. When I met him some weeks after the “attack” he still was struggling with vision in his left eye, but it came back fully: He could return to his job. The body can repair a lot, but nobody knows for sure.

    (Cool picture by the way.)

  2. Z

    Whatever the illness is, it’s probably been brought on by stress, and the stroke is only a part of it. And Andy is 20 years older than your friend – I’m sure he’ll recover from the stroke, but he’ll have to change his lifestyle for it not to recur. And we still don’t know what the rest of the problem is.

    I love that photo – little z enjoys having her picture taken and plays up to the camera


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