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There is a diagnosis now – he has vasculitis, which is inflammation of the blood vessels.  There are still tests going on to show specifically which parts of his body are affected and how badly, but he’s being treated with cortisone now and is showing some improvement.  It is a chronic condition, but there is every hope that the symptoms can be considerably alleviated.  I’m going to go and visit him tomorrow, just to pop in for a quick half hour, which is about as long as he’ll want to cope with a visitor.  It’s hoped that he can be moved to the local cottage hospital soon, which will be much more home-like, it’s lovely there, and he’ll be able to make frequent home visits.  

I spent the morning with the children.  I didn’t sleep a whole lot last night, and in fact spent a while exchanging texts with a friend who couldn’t sleep either.  Dilly and Al had to go to Norwich, where the lease was to be signed with the new tenants at their house.  I helped Pugsley finish his complicated Lego castle.  
This afternoon, we’re not doing a lot actually.  It’s been foggy all day, although mild, and I’m not going anywhere.  I’m enjoying the peace.  It’s rare to have nothing that I have to do, it’ll be soon enough that I’ll have deadlines to meet and work to prepare, but I’m taking the rest of the year off from it all.  Tomorrow, we’re going next door (after I get back from the hospital) where various family and friends will gather – not sure who or how many, though I know Dilly’s parents and Weeza and co will be there.  It’ll be families with young children, not a midnight do.  

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  1. savannah

    good news about andy! a definite diagnosis is a relief, i’m sure. tomorrow will be a quiet dinner here with another couple, just lots of good food and drink! xxoo

    happy new year to you and yours, sugar!

  2. Z

    It is good to have a definite diagnosis, and it isn’t life-threatening in his case – though lifestyle is another matter. Gill has already been out looking for a bungalow, as it isn’t likely he’ll be able to tackle stairs for months, and only occasionally in the long term. They are a stalwart couple and I like and admire them a great deal.

    Darling Dave, I shall have to send you a message saying ‘Happy New Year, Day” at midnight. Not tonight, obv. That would be premature.

  3. 63mago

    Everything “auto-immune” is damn dangerous. I just helped to make a book, dealing with this “desease” (it is none in the correct meaning), the case of a child born without working immune system.
    They are extremely lucky, the boy now is developing well. I did not see the first version of the text. And I would not want to.

    Sometimes I think emotiones are like a nuclear power plant. It can be radiating and if it melts …

  4. Z

    Both Gill and Andy have been working too hard, and been under a lot of stress, for a long time. I think his immune system has been overloaded and has broken down.

  5. Blue Witch

    So pleased to hear they have a diagnosis, but wondering how it took so long?

    As a consultant I saw a couple of years ago now said, the knowledge of auto-immune diseases (in all their myriad forms) now is like cancer was in the 50s and HIV was in the 80s. Which doesn’t help those of us who have to try to live with them… particularly as there are no ‘outward signs’. And, as they often seem to strike people who were once very active and very busy, which is hard for those people around to understand and accept.

    Happy New Year for later – I shall be fast asleep, and the phones will all be a very long way away from anywhere I can hear them!

  6. Z

    They did have it a week ago, but I only caught up with Gill yesterday. They had to stabilise his condition as the treatment he’d had in Madeira was completely unsuitable and then went through all tests. There are still some test results being awaited, to know exactly what parts of the body are affected and how much, as vasculitis can affect anywhere.


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