My heart *leap*s up

Sometime last year, my sister and I met in London to have lunch with one of our oldest friends and his wife and son. The conversation turned to son Jack and his girlfriend Natasha. They have been together for some years, but he is a struggling musician and actor, and he doesn’t feel he can marry her until he can earn on at least equal terms to her and feel he’s offering her a future. But they both want to spend their whole lives together, and marriage is very important to her, not least for cultural reasons (she comes from a traditionally-minded Asian country).

They hadn’t been together long when 29th February came around, and her proposal of marriage was half-joking. But it wasn’t a joke four years ago and he still turned her down. Last summer, Jack was thinking ahead and worrying about it. He still can’t provide for them both reliably, but a third refusal might really upset her. We asked if he wants to marry her, and he does, but he doesn’t feel he’s got the right to ask her, as things stand.

I suggested that he prepare for the day. He should buy a ring in secret. Then, when Natasha asks him again, he can answer by kneeling at her feet with the ring ready to put on her finger.

He thought this was a romantic idea, but will he do it? Come to that, will she?

If I hear nothing, then the answer is no.

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