My cat likes to hide in boxes…..

Proof, if it were needed, that a cat is a cat, however it lives.

RasPutin in a box

This is the feral tomcat, RasPutin, who looks cute and completely domesticated in a cardboard box.  I’ve just remembered, I meant to go into the pet shop and get some worming tablets to crumble into his food.  I’ll try to do it tomorrow.  He seems to be very well, yet he isn’t putting on weight and so I wonder if it’s parasites. Worth a try, anyway.



2 comments on “My cat likes to hide in boxes…..

  1. Kipper

    You might give him some yogurt/yoghurt to help in case it is a digestive issue. RasPutin is incredibly cute in his box. The Maru of Bungay!

    1. Z Post author

      He became thin once before, I wondered if he’d got shut in somewhere as he’d been missing for a few weeks. Then, he gained weight quickly again. He doesn’t turn up at every mealtime now, so at least he isn’t hungry.


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