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In case you read this in a feed reader, the official invitation is finally up on the blog – whether you’ve already said you’re coming or not, if you need my address please email me and I’ll send it.

Isn’t the weather fantastic?  So hot and yet the air is fresh.  Just delightful, unless you’re working out in the middle of it, of course.  I was some of the time, though not very hard, and wearing jeans which wasn’t probably the best choice for the day.  No matter.

Wink is here for the next few days, which is highly jolly.  We are going out to lunch tomorrow, and then into Norwich shopping.  Weeza will probably join us, with Zerlina of course.  We’re planning a family get-together over the weekend, on Sunday.

Squiffany had four little schoolfriends over to play today.  They were all so sweet.  Al had done a treasure hunt for them on the field and they all trotted out, with Pugsley in front.  I said to Al and Dilly, it looked like five little sisters, all much the same size.  I became momentarily sentimental about the thought of such a family.  Having the eldest child a girl does add a civilising influence.  We pondered about five 6 year old boys and a small girl.  Much as I enjoy the company of little boys, they would be altogether more rowdy, but the girls were good as gold.  They all wanted a rest indoors after their treasure hunt, it was too hot to be outside in the sunshine for long.

At least, as there was no dusty digging being done today, I was able to hang the washing out.  Five loads of it.  The last will stay out overnight.  And the sixth is still in the washing machine.   It’s been a while.

*Not to be mistaken for our friend Ziggi

12 comments on “Mrs Ziggywinkle*

  1. allotmentqueen

    With my offspring all still living at home, and seemingly needing to change their clothes more than once a day (but not the 13yr old boy yet), if I don’t do at least one load of washing every day, it all spirals out of control.

    Luckily I have, by and large, give up ironing.

  2. Rate My Sausage

    I think you’re right about older sisters. I have four of ’em, and look how cool, calm and sophistimicated what I turned out. Must have been the older brother’s bad influence.

  3. Z

    I can’t quite remember by what age my children took over their own laundry. Ro at the youngest age, but all of them in their fairly early teens. I did sheets and towels and probably school uniform, but they did everything else by their choice.

    Leaving washing out overnight is not the done thing. I’m a little rebel.

    I’m sure you are very civilised, Simon. Though being the youngest of six has its own downside, I daresay.

    Kindly overlooking your compulsion to count, I prefer to separate coloureds from whites and there are some things that want a lower temperature so I tend to save up until I have enough to make two or three loads. As we were having dusty work done by the digger, I waited rather than use the tumble drier.

  4. Zig

    it would indeed be a mistake as i have washing awaiting but no inclination what-so-ever to do it!. The ironing from last week is also being ignored. I have bought an antique french long handled copper pan though.

  5. Z

    I’m not drawn towards an iPhone4, Zig, it just feels that bit more clunky than our phones. I’m holding on for the iPhone5. And the iPad2 will be bought as soon as my having time to enjoy it and it being in the shop coincide.

    I am so polite, Chris, that when hanging knickers on the line I hang something else in front so that callers are not embarrassed by the sight of our smalls.

    Roses, are you sure you can’t come up from London for the day? We could pick you up from Diss and take you back for the return train.


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