Move ’em on, head ’em up, head ’em up, move ’em on…

LT and I talked about the loose wire in the fence to the bullocks’ field.  But it was only one strand of five and I thought it’d be all right for the time being.  The weather was horrid and I was going to get it done soon – anyway, I was quite wrong.  There was a knock at the door this afternoon and it was the postman.  He gave me my letters and told me there was a cow in the drive.

A bullock on the grass, but near enough.  I went to work out how I could drive it back without it going on the road or the other six escape, but I saw sense, for once, and went to bother Roses and her Man.  They came out straight away and we managed to get the lad back in.  With wire and bailer twine, we patched up the fence and I said I’d get it mended asap.

Ten minutes later, the amused bullock had flicked up the wire and twine and was out again.  This time, he was much harder to drive back and I phoned Jonny the farmer.  He asked if it could wait until the morning?  No, not really.  So he promised someone would come as soon as possible.  In the meantime, Roses positioned herself by the fence, ready to drive back the little guy whenever he put a foot through the fence.

They’re nowhere near as big as cows but they’re very inquisitive and friendly and as mischievous as you’d expect young animals to be.  They aren’t in the least afraid and try to munch on your clothes when you stroke them.  And, when you stop stroking, they push their head under your hand to ask you to start again.

The farmer duly arrived, drank the cup of tea I’d just made for Roses and mended the fence – so tightly that the gate catch was pulled over so that it didn’t latch.  So some more running repairs were required.  I noticed that the water butt was overflowing again – they’d knocked off the lid of the header tank and were able to unscrew the ballcock; we’ve been searching for the lid for a fortnight and not found it and all the temporary repairs were treated as amusements by the young’uns.  He found that they’d knocked the lid in the main tank (I hadn’t fished in very enthusiastically because the water was damn cold and I’d had a look and thought it wasn’t there), so got it out and wired it in place.  LT had taken measurements to make a wooden replacement, but luckily hadn’t started that yet.

It’s fun, living here.  There’s always something a bit unusual happening.  Lovers of routine might find it unsettling, but everyone else loves it.

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      Well, I can always vote for him next week, I suppose, if we want some law and order round here.


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