Morning after

Do you ever, I wonder, write a post and afterwards worry about what someone will think if they happen to visit your blog for the first time on that day?

Oh. Just me then.

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  1. Honey

    me i’ve done that. i know someone who i sometimes have a rant about and she’d be genuinely hurt if she checked back in my past blogs, it’s true what i wrote but not nice to read about yourself, i hope she never does. it’s one of the things that sometimes gets me to almost close down..

  2. Z

    Seems to be a girl thing then.

    I decided to speak as I thought, and be more open than I would be when speaking to someone, though in other respects try to use my speaking voice rather than my writing style. I also write spontaneously and don’t do drafts, or only rarely if I don’t have time to finish a post.

    I am fairly circumspect about what I say about people I know, because I don’t know who among local people read this and I’ve given enough away to be found easily.

    I like it that I’ve found that people like me when I am open with them, after a lifetime of caution. So I continue to take the risk – but a newcomer might not take it in the same way as a blogfriend.

  3. Z

    It was the previous post, Dand, when I told you about my septuagenarian admirers. During the day, I left a few comments on sites where I haven’t commented either for a long time or at all and thought ‘if they visit, what on earth will they think?’. Not that I mind what they think, but it’s a deliberate blogging decision not to mind what they think and it doesn’t come naturally.

  4. luckyzmom

    I find that young men find it easy to relate to me. This has been the case for most of my adult life. I think because I don’t have a hidden agenda like, wanting an intimate relationship with them, and therefore they feel safe and not threatened. I suspect this is the case with you also?

  5. heybartender

    Ha! All the time. Not only do I worry about first-time visitors, but I also worry about sounding bitchy and/or stupid to regulars. Also, I have no idea how many people read this locally, which can be a bit scary. Ah well, what can you do, right? I personally thought that post was great.


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