missing them already…

Brilliant day today, and gorgeous weather.  Weeza and the children spent the day with us, while Phil cycled over to friends near Cambridge.  It’s about 45-50 miles each way, but he’s staying overnight and, in any case, that’s about what he normally cycles in a day when he commutes.  Augustus is six weeks old today, so I took photos of him and his mother, she holding a photo of me and her when she was the same age.  We did the same when Zerlina was six weeks, although I was in those pictures.

I also took some sweet photos of Hadrian yesterday.  He’s become very smiley now, a real charmer.  Gus also smiled at me today, for the first time that I was sure it was a real smile and not just a chance expression.  All so delightful.

Al and co left at lunchtime and have arrived safely at their Dorset destination.  It feels very quiet here tonight.  It’s not as though we’d normally see or hear anything of them in the evening, but just knowing they aren’t there makes it feel unnaturally quiet.

Weeza is quite looking forward to stretching out all over their bed tonight, however.  We agreed, the occasional night to oneself is a luxury.  The Sage is much too polite to admit it, but I suspect he feels the same.

6 comments on “missing them already…

  1. von LX

    [off topic]

    Thank you for the tip about the foreign Monopoly editions as souvenirs. I finally found the Berlin edition yesterday. I don’t know if it will ever be used, but it certainly is a nice keepsake.

  2. Z

    It is, isn’t it, LX. I doubt we’ll play the Greek version again. Weeza lived in Greece for a while, and Al took classical Greek at school, but none of the rest of us know a word.

    Aw, poor you, Mike. She’ll be home soon!

  3. Macy

    Still getting over the thought of a 40 mile commute on a bike… I mean I know it’s flat down there but it can’t make that much of a difference….

  4. Z

    Reading it again, it’s ambiguous – it’s a 45 mile round trip. All the same, that’s more than 200 miles every week, and his idea of fun is a bike ride at weekends.

    I’ve got a friend who’s not much younger than me, and he commutes to Norwich every day, 15+ miles each way. I sometimes can’t quite face the final hill on the 2 mile journey into school!


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