Minute Z

Yes, I’ve become a secretary again and took the minutes at my first meeting today.  I should be writing them up now.  *Shrugs*

A long shot, but I don’t suppose Anyone Out There lives in the Ipswich area, is free on the first Wednesday afternoon of most months and is interested in joining a branch of the Decorative and Fine Arts Societies?  The Orwell branch is relaunching, in a new venue (Rushmere St Andrew) and moving from evening to afternoon.  Their first lecture is on 1st September and will be given by Andy McDonnell, of Antiques Roadshow, who will be giving an illustrated lecture on glassware – I don’t know what the title of the lecture is.  In future, they will be having Neil Faulkner (The Greek Myth), who is brilliant, and Chloe Cockerill (Helms, Hatchments and Hedgehogs), who is too.  I’d go as a guest to the first one to support them, but it’s on the same day as one of the societies that I belong to and I can’t manage two lectures in a day.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the chairman, or else be the middleman and book you in myself – just as a guest, no obligation.  I expect, for a one-off, it would be around £6 or £7.

I have found out what caused the problem with my phone a few weeks ago.  It was a glitch in an update to an app.  Guess how I found out.  Unfortunately, since I hadn’t done any updating for a few weeks, there were 26 to be done and I don’t remember, even, which ones.  I’ve been over to the Apple shop (I can’t be doing with calling it the Apple Store, that was what I had it in the diary as and I didn’t understand it.  As far as I’m concerned, an Apple Store is where you store apples) and had it wiped again, reinstalled everything and it’s fine.  That’s the thing, the app works okay, it’s just the download that doesn’t.  Very odd.  The only way of finding out will be, in future, only to do one at a time and do it by elimination.  I said to the chap that I’ll be back in due course.

A lot of wet weather.  At least the garden won’t need watering any more.  I must do the greenhouse tomorrow though, I didn’t yesterday because I didn’t feel up to it and I didn’t today because I was out.

6 comments on “Minute Z

  1. Christopher

    Happy to volunteer, but I fear there may be one or two insuperable obstacles.

    Please may we have some of your rain? I’ve had to water every night since May 11th except two.

  2. Z

    People only say that until they have one, Dave. Then they understand.

    Well yes, I think there may be, Christopher.

    I’ve sent the rain in your direction, with strict instructions not to fall over Paris, but it’s wilful stuff.


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