Middle of the nightly

Not for the squeamish – Dandelion, you might prefer to skip this one. I don’t know whether you are squeamish generally but I know you are about eyes. Or maybe it’s just yours. Anyway…

I switched off the light at midnight and fell into a deep and dreamless sleep. At half past two, I woke up and peered around – by the moonlight I could see that the sight in my right eye was blurred and my eye felt funny. It had been feeling funny all evening – that, in the first place, was why I wanted to take my lens out. It was apparent that my lens had gone to the back of my eye and was not lost after all.

Not that that meant I was able to get it out. I tried for a while, squeezing my eyes shut and then opening them, pulling down the eyelid and shutting my eyes gently and rolling my eyeball, but nothing worked. I decided to go back to sleep and see what happened.

A couple of restlessly-napping hours later, I woke up and the lens was in the right place, a bit squidged up. I removed it, came downstairs, put it to clean and went back to bed. All’s fine today but I’ve not put it in yet. If I’d had it in all night I’d have had red and inflamed eyes today, so I was lucky.

My voice is back. Nicely husky, but quite clear. When Al had all his problems, he pointed out that he’d lost, temporarily of course, his sight (beesting), hearing (burst eardrum), taste and smell and his voice. He was being very careful of his fingertips, just in case. Maybe you have to have a problem to appreciate what you normally have.

I’ve just put the lens in. No problem and it’s in the right place. Very odd, it’s never done that before. The only time a lens has ever slipped to the back of my eye was when I forgot I hadn’t taken them out and slept in them all night.

9 comments on “Middle of the nightly

  1. Dave

    I once had to get the optician to take out a lens that had not only gone to the back of my eye, but had rolled itself up too.

  2. martina

    This happened to me and so totally freaked me out that I went back to wearing glasses. Glad to hear your voice is returning. Do you sound like Marlene Dietrich now?

  3. Z

    I hoped it wouldn’t come to that, Dave, as the optician in Yagnub doesn’t come in on a Wednesday and I’d have had to wait until after 3 pm for the Sage to drive me somewhere else.

    It hasn’t given me a contact lens phobia. I really don’t want to wear glasses.


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