March goes out like a lion

Today, Edweena managed to shift a piece of bark over to the tots’ box, so that she could climb up and into it.  I found her squatting complacently, which both tots were squeezed into a small plant pot, where they felt safe.  She wasn’t bothering them, but I removed them and she was visibly put out.  All is back to normal now and my respect for her power of reasoning is increased considerably.  I don’t know if it was deliberate, but one piece of bark has been moved closer to the lamp, so that she can climb up and be as close as possible to the heat, and the other bark was shifted to get her where she wanted to be.  It seems beyond coincidence.

I took Zerlina back to Weeza’s office, timing it for the end of her 9-5 working day.  She finished off the day’s work as we chatted and then the phone rang, just after ten past five.  She dealt with the call, tidied up, shut down her computer and we got ready to leave.  “Just as well you were here to take the call,” I commented.  She said it wasn’t unexpected.  She asked for a raise recently and she’d been getting late calls since receiving it.  He’s a good boss, she’s amused rather than miffed.

Zerlina is coming again on Thursday when, as I said, we will make hot cross buns – and maybe a birthday cake for Weeza.  I’m playing the organ for the Maundy Thursday service in the evening, so Roses has kindly said she will babysit.  It’s at bedtime, but Zerlina’s bedtime routine is quite relaxing and charming and there will be no stress at all.

Z asked for pancakes for breakfast, so I had them too.  There was some mixture left, so I had a savoury pancake in the Dutch style for supper too, with ham, tomato and cheese, plus a green salad.  For lunch, we had cheese soufflé.  With a bit of practice and help with the oven, Zerlina could now make soufflé.

Startlingly stormy weather, a gale for much of the night and day, with a hailstorm sweeping the country, arriving here at 4.30 this afternoon.  No harm done here, we have few vulnerable trees left, but it was clearly unsafe to cycle and Phil drove to work today.  I was glad to hear that, I was lying awake at 4.30 this morning, worrying.

5 comments on “March goes out like a lion

  1. allotmentqueen

    Glad to hear that Zerlina is getting her full Cordon Bleu course at such an early age. My 17yr-old learnt to make omelettes six months ago but now seems to have mysteriously lost the knack… He has however received his first bigtime pay cheque (for part time work) so has maxed out at Primark….

  2. Z Post author

    She does cooking at school and with her mother too, she’s quite interested. I’m impressed that your son chose to buy underwear at all – I’d have thought that would still have come from mother’s wallet!

    And cockroaches, BW.

  3. 63mago

    I toyed with the idea to drive away tomorrow or on Frayday, but the weather forecast says there will be strong squalls. The engine is very small, light and prone to cross-winds. I saw lorries that had tumbled because of cross winds in the news and decided against travel.
    I find the “Maundy” in Maundy Thursday interesting, here it’s usually called “Gründonnerstag” – that is even the name printed in my calendar. “Green” possibly from the old liturgic colour, before it was switched to white, what possibly resulted in the jeudi blanc.


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