Mama Weeza rules!

I feel as though I’m way behind on my work, but I don’t think I am really.  It’s just that today was quite unproductive.  It started with a meeting at school – the wretched local authority really makes things unnecessarily (I always spell that word wrong first time and have to delete the redundant ‘c’, dammit) difficult and we thought they’d be less ghastly when we became an academy.  We still have to fight the battles, but at least now we win them mostly, but it’s such a waste of time and energy.  Anyway, that took two hours, then I had to go supermarket shopping for essentials for tomorrow and then a friend called round, by arrangement, after lunch and he stayed rather longer than I’d thought he would.  After that, we went over to Weeza’s to leave my car there for her to use – Phil, extremely kindly and helpfully, has taken a day of precious holiday tomorrow so that he can look after the children and Weeza come and help us.  After years of looking after children, it’s a bit thought-provoking when they start to look after you.  But appreciation and humility are good habits to get into.

So I’m mostly ready for the sale, and so is the Sage.  He was ready days ago, in fact.  Today, I’ve printed off the bidder numbers, the registration list, the list of things we need, got plenty of A5 paper, written down whom I’m bidding for and whom I’m telephoning … and so on.  I’m terribly tired and will go to bed soon.

But we have to have some good news, it’s the rule.  Today, Augustus said mama for the first time.  He was sitting on the floor, she was leaving the room for a minute and he looked at her and called her back.  He was quite ill for several days, poor mite, D&V as it’s known (he’s skinny enough at the best of times, he’s visibly lost weight) and has become a bit clingy.  But he’s all smiles again now, as long as he feels secure, and eating well and on the mend.  Phil is quite jealous and has been coaching him to say dada.  But mama rules at present.

4 comments on “Mama Weeza rules!

  1. Sarah

    Necessary used to cause problems for me too, until some one taught me to remember that we usually wear one coat and two shoes and that equates to one ‘c’ and two ‘s’ in necessary.

  2. Z

    Thanks, BW. Time to put on the motley and paint on the smile again!

    Thanks Sarah, that’s a good one – silly thing is that I can spell perfectly well when writing by hand but my type-spelling isn’t nearly as good!

  3. mig

    It all sounds quite exhausting but lots of fun.
    I’m ok with necessary but get very confused with the ‘n’s when it’s not.

    Oh and Elodie learnt to say Daddy (along with Teddy and baby) before she said Mummy. Mrs Middle was very patient but a tiny bit put out.


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