lower case z

I cooked fish tonight.  Olive oil in a saucepan, then the seasoned fish, then I put it in the oven.  I took it out with a towel-covered left hand, put each fish fillet on its plate, then switched hands to pour the juices.  The towel had slipped.

The worst of the burn is on the palm beneath my index and middle fingers, although each finger has a pale and wizened strip of skin.  I’ve had my hand in a bowl of chilled water, refreshed several times, and doused it with lavender oil and I hope I’ve saved it from blistering, but it’s still very painful.

I’m feeling a bit punch-drunk from other matters, although not discouraged.  I’ll tell you in a day or two.  Two things, a left and a right – or is that a shooting term?  one hates to mix metaphors.  i’m feeling a bit archy and metiphabel, typing one-handed and left-handed at that, the extra effort of capitals hardly seems worth-while.

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  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Z:
    We are so sorry to learn of the accident whilst cooking the supper tonight and very much hope that you will not be in too much pain tonight.

    If no better tomorrow, you might try consulting the pharmacist at your local chemist.

  2. 63mago

    Left hook, uppercut and a straight right to finish.
    I heared that burned skin is prone to infections, so a kind of bandage may be a good idea? I hope the payne will wane quickly.

  3. Z

    I went to bed with my hand in one of those sleeves you keep in the freezer to chill bottles of wine! I’ve been lucky and got away with it, there’s a red mark (which is still quite hot) on my palm but no blistering and it doesn’t hurt much. Thank you all.

  4. Z

    I thought I was! I was using a thick cloth and looked to make sure that it was over the handle and I would use it when I switched hands. Unfortunately, it wasn’t covering the underneath of the handle.

    I’m still treating it will lavender oil today, which is brilliant for burns. It’s not, in any case, serious, though I know that I’ll have a mark there for a few months.

  5. 63mago

    I am no boxer (I’m built for comfort!), but I like to watch the sport. Not always but now and then. The lightweights (bantam!) nowadays show very good techniques, can be pugilism at its best. Boxing and Billiards.

  6. luckyzmom

    Oops. Sorry to hear it. I had a bandaid on my chin for several days last week from a rug burn that happened during an incident of a pleasurable personal nature which I couldn’t relate to all the people who asked. So, most assumed my husband had abused me.


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