All Z wants is loving LT and music, music, music

Lovely Tim keeps on rising to the challenge.  After a weekend and a bit looking after Zerlina and Gus, he spent the next two evenings at school concerts: one being Pugsley’s primary school production of Joseph and the other my (formerly my, that is) school’s summer concert.  And we’ve seen some remarkable talent on show, we’ve both been impressed and entertained.

I called in at the High School this morning to pick up our tickets and, whilst I was there, took the opportunity to say hello to a few people.  It is a lovely place and I miss everyone, though I’m not at all tempted to go back.  Still, I was a governor there for eighteen years and it will always be with me.

We picked the first of the aubergines today and ate about an eighth of it.  This particular variety is enormous – that is, the plants are a regular size but the fruits are at least double the size of a normal aubergine.  I must frisk the cucumber plants tomorrow too, the little beasts hide under a leaf and are suddenly fat and chunky.  *Looks down at herself.  Oh.  Hmmmm.  A bit close to the well-covered bone, there.*

Darlings, I am making no sense.  It’s half past eleven and I must think about going to bed.  The thought might not be acted on for a while, but it must be thunk.  So goodnight, sleep well and I will try to remember the thought I wanted to share with you, tomorrow.


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