Love and all our good wishes to Jonathan

Back last July, I mentioned pals of mine, Jonathan and James, and pointed you in their direction on MySpace – as then, I won’t do it as a link as I don’t want to be tracked back. It’s here –

I mention it because Johnny had a horrible accident on his farm last week and is in hospital. Bailer twine caught both round his foot and around the wheel of the tractor he was driving. No, I’m not sure exactly how it happened either, but he’s not the sort to be careless. He stopped instantly, but had to reverse the tractor to release himself before phoning for help. An air ambulance arrived and he was at the N&N hospital five minutes after they took off again.

They – his parents and the three boys – are a lovely family and he’s a great bloke. The Sage and I haven’t been sleeping too well for the past few nights, thinking about him. His foot was sliced off, virtually, at the instep – every bone was broken and it was only held on by a couple of tendons. They’ve kept his little toe, as long as there isn’t any infection, but the rest couldn’t be saved.

Anyway, why I’m writing this is because I had a bit of a go at aspects of medical practice last week and, though it wasn’t directed against the NHS at all, I thought it only fair to give another side of the matter, which is that this is where the Health Service absolutely shines. Money simply couldn’t buy better care than he will receive.

Update, Friday
We’ve left messages, but not spoken to the family until now, but the Sage spoke to his mother this morning. He’s still in great pain and has to be in isolation because of the risk of infection. His parents and girlfriend are allowed to visit, but no one else. As you can imagine, they are distraught and exhausted – it’s a 50 mile round trip to the hospital every day. There’s still the dairy farm to run and this is the busiest time of the year on the land too – at least all the cows are out of doors and there’s plenty of grass, so they don’t need feeding, but they do need to be milked. Three other men work for them and they are rallying round, and one of them is doing the driving to and from the hospital to spare them as much as possible.

Johnny is longing to be out of isolation and in a ward, for some company, but it won’t be possible for a while. He has various gigs booked for the summer and is still hoping to be able to do some of them – don’t know how likely that is, but the thought is encouraging him anyway.

Thank you all for your messages – when he’s better and I see him again, I’ll tell him.

13 comments on “Love and all our good wishes to Jonathan

  1. Dandelion

    This is terrible and horrific.

    Someone I know, his foot was practically cut off at the ankle, but luckily it got attached back on again very cleverly. His wife, she broke every bone in one of her feet, and it had to be held together by metal wires threaded through the actual foot, and poking out through the skin.

    Those medical people, they can work miracles.

    All the best to your pal.

  2. Z

    Thanks, Dave, mine too. J’s family would certainly appreciate it.

    Unfortunately, Dand, it was dirty old bailer twine and not a clean cut, although an instant one. They tried reattaching the foot, but it wouldn’t do. He’s not out of the woods and needs all the help he can get.

  3. martina

    I had NHS care while a tourist many years ago in London. Severe ankle fracture when I slipped and did a somersault on wet marble steps. Surgery, one week post op in a ward before they sent me packing back home to the U.S. I must say the care was excellent. Hope your friend recovers quickly and easily and rehab is very beneficial

  4. Blue Witch

    Just thinking about that makes me feel all weird. Sending good thoughts his way.

    I’m glad that one person known to someone I know has had a good experience of the NHS. I heard two stories today that made me want to go and jump up and down outside the new Chief Exec’s office on behalf of the poor people involved. Gross incompetence of an unimaginable degree.

    Not sure if you mind, but, with that link in, if someone Googles that URL, or looks up who links to it, your page will come up…

  5. Z

    They’ll have to copy and paste, won’t they? I thought that wouldn’t be trackable back to me. I don’t mind, but I don’t actually advertise myself – though I’m easy enough to find if anyone is looking.

  6. PI

    And the air ambulance does brilliant work and saves many lives. Best wishes to him for the best recovery possible.

  7. Malc

    A brave man, obviously. It’s a sickening accident and a reminder to all of us who live on farms that it can be a dangerous business. Keeping my fingers crossed for him.


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