Lord Bruin and Lady Rosie entertain

Our hostess lives in an old watermill. This is the view from her conservatory. She is an artist and her studio is on the second floor (that’s the third floor to Americans). It’s beautiful and very peaceful.

I thought you’d like a picture of the teddies. Edbos and Ted aren’t in this picture I’m afraid.

The family will all be here for lunch on Sunday again. Isn’t that lovely? Wink is driving up from Wiltshire on Saturday for a week, so no doubt we will get up to some girlish escapades together.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go and see Weeza and family. It is all go and jollity around here. I’ve bought some new headphones for iPhone listening for, as is well known, the earpieces supplied with iPods and iPhones are pretty rubbish.

At present, not through headphones, I’m listening to Carl Stamitz’s Clarinet Concerto No. 1, as mentioned by Vicus. Never heard it before. I’m really quite ignorant.

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