Looking back

Today has been quieter.  I’ve been catching up with emails and typing.  I went in to the school at lunchtime, walked around the field with the Head (he does the rounds every day and he happened to be going out as I arrived) and I saw the people I wanted to.  Hugs and chats and so on, and then I called in at the village school on the way home.  It had an inspection the week before we did, and now the news is official, that they have received ‘good with outstanding features,” which is marvellous.  I love that school, I was a governor there for 18 years and it will always be dear to me, although I left five years ago.  Don’t feel obliged, but if you want to read the report, it’s here.  This is an evaluation under the current framework and ours is under the new one, we’re one of 150 schools in the pilot.

We are having a piece of ground paved over, it’s on the east side of the house, open to the south but shaded from mid-afternoon.  The chickens having taken over the lawn, we tend not to sit and eat out there any more, so I suggested using this sheltered area instead.  I suspect we will use it during the day and, if we want to sit out, will go round the other side of the house in the evening, but we haven’t time for that at present anyway.

We had some sharp sand delivered and the Sage took the driver out a cup of tea and chatted for a few minutes.  The tray is one that my mother-in-law had made for us when Weeza and Al were little, with photos set in – nearly all of Weeza, actually.  In one of them, the Sage’s father, Pa, was holding her and the driver recognised him.  The Sage was really pleased to share memories.

It was one of our better decisions, moving here to the Sage’s childhood home.

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  1. Z

    It’s scruffy and unpretentious, Marion, but it’s home.

    It’s a lovely wall, Dave. Though I’m not sure that splendid is literally correct.


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