Loneliness of the long-distance lover

It feels remarkable to me that, six months ago, I was comfortable with my single life and wished it to remain that way.  And then it all changed, over a few weeks and now, when we are necessarily apart, it feels quite wrenching.  But there we are, each of us can cope quite well and get on with things, sometimes things that are not so likely to happen when we’re together.

In my case, it was spending several hours ironing and watching House of Cards – which LT hasn’t seen from the beginning, so wouldn’t want to start from Series 4.  He has been turning out Stuff, I’m not too sure what.

Weeza has been very busy, largely helping friends.  There’s a close-knit group of four women (the couples are all friends but it’s the women in particular who are close) and the other three all had problems crop up, which involved Weeza’s time and emotional energy, if you’ll excuse the jargon.  So, since I was free today, I offered to go and help – not that I helped a lot, just took Zerlina to her riding lesson, waited and brought her home again, but it saved Phil an hour and a half, so he could go and fetch wood.

LT and I feel no obligation to speak or communicate daily, but we usually do.  The title of the post is misleading and exaggerated of course, though not hugely.  My friend Sheila, whose mother was my ma-in-law’s cousin, married an American and moved to Atlanta, has asked how we met.  She’s in her eighties and doesn’t use the internet, so I’m not sure if “through blogging” will mean much to her.  But I’ve met so many good friends through blogging – I haven’t met all of you yet and I don’t necessarily know who all of you are – and it’s been a revelation over the past ten years, what genuine friendships can evolve over the internet.  Tim and I – this wasn’t planned or expected, but evolved from really liking each other.  And we feel lucky.

Less than three days now (not fewer, because it’s more than two.

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  1. Liz

    I lived on my own very happily for a number of years, but 7 years after Sir Bruin moved in, I struggle to remember what living on my own was like. This is definitely better.

    It’s amazing what you can find in the internet, isn’t it?


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