Little Miss Grumpy

I’m afraid I had a bit of a strop this evening. There’s a village festival this weekend on the village green, which is all good and lovely and the weather forecast is fine, so it should go well. There will also be displays of various crafts and things like that in the church, and I’ll help quite a bit with one thing and another. On Sunday there will be a service at 5 o’clock. This evening I had a cheerful email saying that there will be a music group rather than the organ (which I’d arranged for someone else to play as I’ll have too many other things to think about), so will I play the clarinet.

I’ve written back to say no. And had a cheerfully sarcastic reply saying, never mind, you do have such a busy social life, have a relaxing weekend.
My son has chuckled at my rantings to the extent that I’ve almost regained my good humour.

I went out to dinner this evening; it’s a monthly occasion with a group of friends. It takes me about 45 minutes to get there, but we eat quite early as most of us have quite a long way to go. There was an accident on the Norwich ring road (a lorry hit a tree, shot across the road and hit another, so there were bits of lorry and tree all over the road and a bridge had to be checked for structural damage. Driver not badly hurt though.) so a section of it was closed and long queues were diverted, so my journey time was doubled. As I approached the ring road junction from another direction, I glanced at the Honda CR-V in the next lane. The driver was reading a newspaper spread out over the steering wheel. We were approaching traffic lights, so were slow-moving and sometimes stationary, but if you see this Honda, HD55EVP, do give him a wide berth as he may not be looking out for you.

4 comments on “Little Miss Grumpy

  1. stitchwort

    It’s the juggernauts at junctions that frighten me, with the driver negotiating the steering and gears while they’re on their mobile phones.
    (And it hasn’t happened just once or twice.)

  2. Z

    sw – some people do seem rather overconfident of their abilities – they also assume others will drive rather more carefully than they do and will steer around them.

    dw – fill in gaps where no one else wants to be I suppose. There were quite a lot of them when I last looked. I don’t want to, I want to enjoy the fete, go to Bungay street market, and spend time with my daughter who will be up for the weekend. I think there are a few people who will be disappointed in me, but I’d rather it is not my family.

    hdwk -the dinner and the company of friends were both excellent thanks. You always look for the positive side!


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