Linking, lurking and liking

Since the only people I link to on my sidebar are my sons, I felt that I was going rather too far in asking you to link to Ro’s new site. I vastly appreciate your good nature in overlooking my non-linking and, yourselves, linking to Ro. I did explain my non-linking decision some 15 months ago and I’ll draw your attention to it, as it still applies – here it is.

Having added lots more blogs that I read and enjoy since I wrote that post, there are far too many to be able to link to without a load of differentiation and explanation. I have over 150 blogs which I subscribe to on Bloglines – yes I know, what can I say? However, some of them haven’t been updated for ages – for all I know, some of those may have been removed, I ought to check some time. Others are people whom I like very much but who very rarely write, but I don’t want to lose touch in case they do update. Of the rest, I do call in to everyone whether I comment or not. It may be a week or two sometimes in between visits (unread posts are running at several hundred at present) but I never mark them all as read and start again, I do catch up.

I’ll now spend the next ten minutes reading your posts as I put on my Sunday face. Have a good day, everyone.

8 comments on “Linking, lurking and liking

  1. Dave

    Nearly half the links on my sidebar appear to be missing in action. I don’t want to delete them just in case they ever re-surface.

    I refuse to read 150 blogs a day – I’d never have time to enjoy my retirement (it was OK while I was ‘working’).

  2. Z

    I wouldn’t want to miss anyone out and I’d hate to hurt any feelings.

    But I don’t read anything like 150 blogs a day, many of them haven’t posted for ages and others don’t write regularly. I probably read 20 blogs a day though and leave 4 or 5 comments on average, and once in a while spend a few days catching up.

  3. Z

    Well, then I was asked, and this time I asked you to link. It seems only polite.

    Yes, 150 does seem rather a lot. Some of them are defunct, actually. And it does include both of mine. On the other hand, there are a couple of blogs that don’t publish RSS feeds so I have to bookmark them and remember to read them.


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