Like steam giving way to sail

I suppose it was because I became so physically tired that I found it so annoying. It became harder to deal with as the day went through. Dilly and I each pushed a pushchair (although the children walked some of the time) and no one seemed aware of it at all.

I’m not one of those who finds people discourteous on the whole. Of course, it does happen, but the reasonable behaviour of the majority and the helpfulness when it’s needed more than make up for it. But at the Norfolk show, the usual awareness of people’s surroundings seemed to disappear. When you are wheeling a pushchair with a toddler in, it’s not that easy to stop and change direction unexpectedly, yet everyone was so dozy at best; downright obstructive most of the time, that I became awfully tempted to just keep going right into their ankles and just trip them up. I didn’t of course, and I kept smiling, but it was with the insincere rictus of a Miss Mapp.

In all other regards, all went well and we had a very enjoyable day. The weather was fine and the suggested rain did not fall and Squiffany, in particular, was adorable all day. Pugsley drifted a bit, but he’s a bit in that in-between age. He was very taken with a large African tortoise (though only half grown, I suspect) and cried when we left, so we had to return to say goodbye. Squiffany liked the pink pigs best; I have a weakness for the Berkshire and the Gloucester Old Spot. I was also drawn to the goats. The Sage was tempted, at one time, to keep goats but I reminded him of all that goat milk and he was, thank goodness, put off.

And Squiffany thinks I have pretty knickers. So I have, of course. Why buy them, if not?

21 comments on “Like steam giving way to sail

  1. Z

    Three-year-olds are too little to visit a public lavatory on their own and one doesn’t want to have to queue twice. However discreet one is, small children are observant.

    Dandelion, I suspect you guessed right and that it’s what you’d have said too. Have no concerns, that’s as outspoken as I get.

  2. Eddie 2-Sox

    I had planned to visit the showground myself yesterday, but ended up reading Wendy Cope instead.

    A Norfolk Bloggers lunch should be arranged for next year’s show!

  3. Dave

    I think Norfolk bloggers would just about fill the show.

    Murph could do a sheep-herding demonstration with JonnyB’s chickens.

  4. Z

    1st and 2nd July – put it in our diaries. Eddie can pack the sandwiches and make the cakes, he’s an expert. Dave and I could do a wall-building demonstration and can we include Id? She can make scones and carry the hod.

  5. Dave

    Do you know, my second choice of answer would have been something about dogs looking up skirts, but as everyone knows, I don’t do rude.

  6. Gordie

    My head is too full of steam-driven pushchairs to follow the story as far as goats’ milk and nice knickers. I’m just glad there were no famous footballers involved.

  7. Z

    No, you’re not concentrating, Gordie. The pushchairs sail along until they are brought up short by steaming idiots and then they nearly lose their mainmasts.

  8. Z

    Oh I say! Just round the corner from Liverpool Street too – maybe I should pop in next time I visit the Dark Metropolis.


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