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As Tim said in his comment yesterday (yes, darlings, we met blogging and we still comment on each other’s blogs), the leeks were home grown.  We are really pleased with them, they’ve grown well.

Some years ago, I had a horrid white rot on the roots of allium (onion family) plants.  It spread, year by year, through the separate beds of my kitchen garden and, in the end, I stopped growing them entirely, to give it time for the disease to die away.  And then Al bought his veg shop and I grew for him, and it would have been silly to grow onions when he bought and sold them by the sackful, so I suppose I haven’t grown leeks, onions or garlic for the better part of 20 years.  But at the gardening street fair back in May, I bought a couple of 4 inch pots with lots of rather small leek seedlings in them.  I potted them up round the edge of several much bigger pots and then, when they’d grown (but were not at all yet pot-bound), we planted them out, one dibbing the hole and the other dropping in the trimmed plant, and then watering.  And then we pretty well forgot them until they rather urgently needed weeding.  Anyway, though Tim was rather dubious at the time and I was more optimistic than I truly felt circumstances warranted, they have thrived.

There’s not a lot left in the veg plot now, of course.  Swiss chard, spinach, the leeks, a few remaining aubergines in the greenhouse and some peppers, and a daunting glut of cayenne and jalapeño chillies.  It’s been a fantastic year for aubergines and we’ve frozen lots, prepared in various ways.  As is always the way with gardeners, we’re planning next year already.

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  1. chairwoman ros

    At this time of year, The Chairman and I would be looking at the current year’s seed catalogues, making notes, wondering if anyone would be showing anything new and exciting in the next issue.


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