Last Sunday

After a jolly good breakfast that left me wondering how much I’d be able to eat for lunch, Mig and Barney got ready to leave for lunch with their daughter, for a delayed birthday celebration.  Well, several birthdays.  They suggested I follow them to meet the family and I’m alwys up for a jolly as you know.  So off we set in the Reading direction.

I’ve no idea what the family made of this strange, almost silent (oh yes, Barney, you see I can do silent) who smiled and smiled and left quite soon because I had a lunch date.  Big hugs for darling Mig and Barney, and now I know where you live I might call again….

And I knew already where Tim lives, and I knocked on his door at an altogether suitable Sunday lunchtime time and – oh darlings, it was so good to see him again.  Lovely.  And, well, I’m not sure if he’s ever blogged about his cooking, but he’s a cook.  Anyone who can make wholemeal pastry taste delicious is a damn good cook, because it’s difficult (which means, for those who read between the lines, that he makes better pastry than I do).

I had an easy run home, just under 3 hours, and the Sage was all ready with a glass of wine and a dinner menu.  I still feel a bit fat, three days later, for all that greedy noshing, bur I have nothing but the cheeriest memories of the lovely company.  Thank you darlings.  Sorry for talking too much.  

7 comments on “Last Sunday

  1. Tim

    Wholemeal pastry: 7oz flour, 3 1/2 butter, 2 tsp baking powder. Secret weapon: Magimix: whizz and trickle in water till it just comes together.
    Super to see you too. Tx

  2. mig

    Oh do come again, and if the family are involved we might dispense with the noise of the drill!
    And not talking too much at all, truly.

  3. Liz

    I think 3 hours from Reading all the way back to where you live is very good going. I have no doubt that No 1 stepson (who lives near Reading) could do it faster but you probably wouldn’t want to be a passenger in his car.

    I agree with Tim’s pastry chilling tip. Pastry is so much easier to roll out if it has had a little rest in the fridge.

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