Krakow – pictures 5 – the opera

On our last evening, we went to the opera. It was a Polish opera called ‘The H@unted M@n0r’ by Stanislaw M0n1uskzk0 and it was splendid. We all enjoyed it immensely, although I was quite glad to have seen a synopsis of the rather complicated plot.

The cast was very good, and vast. Photographs weren’t allowed during the opera, which was fair enough, but I touristly snapped the theatre itself. The size of the cast was really rather impressive, especially when some fabulous dancers came on at the end – including the 30-strong orchestra, there must have been 100 people giving their all for my entertainment.

Apart from the stalls, all the seating was in boxes, which was immensely cool. If I lived there, I would have a season ticket. Wine was included, brought to your box in the interval. It was all wonderful.

Afterwards, we all started to walk back to the hotel until some friends called to me that they were going to have a drink – would I care to join them? The alacrity with which I exclaimed “yes!!(!)” and shot forward will, I fear, cloud my third (and last) year as chairman of the society.

My reputation is ruined.*

*heh heh, you know me too well. You know I really mean ‘enhanced’…

8 comments on “Krakow – pictures 5 – the opera

  1. Z

    Blimey, you were quick off the mark, Jen! I was still correcting the post when you called.

    Yes, it was amazing. Let me know when you’re visiting Krakow and I will go too, and we can go to the opera together.

    Wouldn’t that be great?

  2. The Boy

    Happy 600th Post!

    LL and I have a long standing goal to visit all the great opera houses in Europe. This one we have’t done yet, but looks like will move up the list!


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