LT and I were chatting over dinner, which can go in any direction as we still have a lot to share about each other, and I found myself telling him about my friend Jeni and her kindness at a difficult time.

My mother was remarkably well, considering she had terminal pancreatic cancer, until she wasn’t.  And, coincidentally, the day the doctor told me that she had turned the final corner, her greyhound dropped his leg into a rabbit hole on the marshes and broke it badly.  So, the next morning, I had to take him to the specialist orthopaedic vet in North Norfolk.  I’d explained this to my mum and that a nurse would be coming to help her (with a morphine driver) at about midday, which was when I was due back – but, for some reason I can’t remember, Russell had to go out for a while and it was unavoidable.  So I phoned Jeni and she came.

She and mummy had as much fun as was possible.  Jeni knew my mother, to the last, liked to look her best, so she put her make-up on her and showed her in the mirror that she was pretty.

My mum died that night.  How lucky she was, to go gently.

And then, Jeni and my other friend Jenny helped me with the food for the funeral (which was the entry to the anecdotage with Tim) and that was another great kindness.

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