Just time to relax

It’s a lovely day, cold but bright and sunny. The seed heads of the clematis in Al and Dilly’s garden are outside my study window and look very pretty against the blue sky.

It’s the Sunday when I go twice to church (this just works out that way, it is no excess of devotion), and I’ve just returned home, having left the house at 7.30, attended a service, driven to Norwich and back to deliver some papers, played the organ at another service, cleaned several months build-up of wax off the brass candlesticks, drunk two cups of coffee and eaten a ginger nut. Breakfast, by the way, was a small, round Communion wafer and a good swig of port. I feel cheerful and peaceful, apart from still worrying about my friend of yesterday. I’ll go back into Yagnub later and, while I’m there, keep an eye out for him.

The family is recovering and Al still hasn’t succumbed, so I’ve said that I’ll deal with tomorrow’s order and go into the shop tomorrow morning and, all being well, he can take over after lunch for me to go and do my interviews. If he is ill, the Sage will take over instead, but Al is confident. I’ve tried the ‘I won’t be ill’ technique many times and it can work for some things but not, in my experience, a gastric bug – however, let’s hope he’s right. Because I don’t want it either. The one we all caught last year (except Ro, who kept well out of our way) was Most Unpleasant.

Ooh, I’ve just had an email from Amazon to say my book order is on the way. Yay! I checked back through the 20 emails I haven’t got around to opening yet (personal and business ones have been read of course) and my CD was posted on Friday. If only I could find the lead to recharge my iPod.

Time for some food.

2 comments on “Just time to relax

  1. Wendz

    Our weather mirrors yours.

    I have eaten…a slice of toasted baguette with fig jam for brekkies…chicken fillets, mash, lemon cream sauce, garlicky flageolets verts and carrots for lunch….a piece of Swiss chocolate and a mandarin. Tonight I feel like a bowl of oats porridge for supper.

    I woke at 9.30am and have sewn new bathroom curtains..little cafe curtains so no big project.

    Now I shall retire to a cozy corner and read a book.

    Quite a nice day.


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