Just pictures

As I’m tired and haven’t anything I feel like writing about.


The first runner bean has set. I adore runner beans.


Swiss chard comes in wonderful colours, bright red, pink, yellow and white.

The grapes look promising don’t they. They usually rot before they ripen however, I only keep the vine from sentiment (cutting from my mother’s vine from many years ago) and because it shades the greenhouse nicely.

6 comments on “Just pictures

  1. KW

    Love the look of the grapes – we are thinking of buying a grapevine to have in the greenhouse; this might just be the encouragement I needed!

  2. Z

    My greenhouse is very humid and the grapes need a drier atmosphere in the autumn to ripen without rotting. I should also thin the grapes out in the bunch, but I’m too lazy to do that without a guaranteed result. They are easy to grow, but need care to grow really well. I think you’d be good with that.

  3. diamondweeza

    The bean’s my favourite – it almost looks rude with all those fabulously loud flowers and this little green weiner bean with a shrivelled flower on its tip! Lovely quality photos.


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