Just got back from the windy … village

I went to stay with Weeza and family for a couple of days.  She had an operation on the cartilage of her left knee a week ago and wasn’t going to be able to drive for a few days.  Phil had taken the children to school and back on Monday and Tuesday, so I took over from Wednesday afternoon.

So that meant LT was ready to cope when the gale, Doris, blew.  I read on the news and Facebook that various trees had fallen and blocked roads in and around Yagnub, but we got away lightly here – just a couple of small panes broken in the roof of the chickens’ greenhouse and some minor branches and debris about.  No question of filling the skip that day though, but Wince has put in quite a lot of stuff today – it’s already about two thirds full.  Fingers crossed that everything will go in.  We’ve got a lot of green mesh from a polytunnel, so that has been used to cover the damaged bit of greenhouse – the panes could be replaced from the inside but it’s an awkward job and this will do just as well.

Weeza and I were at home when things were a bit hairy her way but she had phone calls from work – she works for a local landowner – mostly telling her about power cuts – apparently, a cable had been brought down by a fallen tree.  Knowing the roads had been affected, i wondered if we’d have any trouble getting to the school but she was confident locals would already be out with chainsaws and tractors, and so they were.  Most of the damage had already been cleared away by the time we needed to go out again.

Zerlina had a swimming lesson after school at the local high school so we went along to watch.  The tutor is a splendid woman, very authoritative but a good teacher.  Apparently, she’s eighty years old though you’d never know it.  I’m not great with water, having completely lost my nerve some years ago and I’m unable to go out of my depth without having something to hang on to.  I’m not afraid of water as such, I can put my head under and went scuba diving a few years ago, which was fine.  I just sink.  So I’d drown.  So I can’t let go, it’s beyond courage or willpower, simply impossible.  I also realised, watching them do the breast stroke, how poor my coordination is, that would be beyond me too – one can only laugh at me, quite rightly.

LT came over for lunch and we came home together.  I’ve finally got my first cold of the winter – not ill, just sneezy.  We had a Thai takeaway from Weeza’s very good local shop and the chilli helped. but I’m a bit snuffly again.  I look forward to spicy food and drinks for the next few days.    The chickens have finally started laying again, so I may need a masala omelette with extra onion and chilli for lunch tomorrow.


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