Jane was amused

At the party the other day, I was chatting to friends, whose son got married a few weeks ago. Jane said that she was, at one point, not far from her husband’s twin brother and his wife, but far enough (they believed incorrectly) not to be heard.

“What on earth is Jane wearing on her head?” (from the brother) “It’s called a ‘fascinator’. They’re very fashionable”, she replied. “Oh. Does it make her fascinating?” “No. Only fashionable.”

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  1. Christopher

    …and in lighter vein, this reminds me of the exchange (not at your party, Z, tho’ you never know):

    A: ‘Isn’t So-and-so extraordinarily fashion-conscious? Doesn’t she dress well?’

    B: ‘She certainly does, and so quickly.’

  2. zIggI

    oh Christopher, I think I know her!

    Poor Jane I hope she wasn’t offended. I have been tempted to wear one of those but they look better on the shelf than on me – with my hair I look like something’s nesting on me.

  3. Z

    Thank you Christopher. And as to the bon mot, I wish I’d said that.
    *Waits for the inevitable response*

    Jane knows her sister-in-law, and was genuinely entertained. I’ve never tried a fascinator, but then I rather like real hats. However, being small, it’s so easy for me to look like an animated mushroom so I have to take care in my choice.

  4. Sablonneuse

    Well done for managing to continue blogging and making it interesting despite all the distractions – not to mention work involved – during the festive season.
    Looking forward to your posts in 2010 and wishing you an yours Health and Happiness for the New year.

  5. Z

    Quite shocking to see that I’ve written on average more than one post a day for each of the past four years. Whoever thought I had so much to say?


  6. Imperatrix

    I had never heard that term before! Good of Jane to be amused 😉

    BTW, I’m reading The Way We Live Now, by Trollope, and Yagnub is mentioned several times, as some of the action happens nearby. It gives me a smile everytime I read the “eman”, because although I’ve never visited, I have a blog friend who lives there!

  7. Z

    I’ve read most of Trollope, but not that one – I’ll have to get it.

    I think they are designed to be the least amount of hat for the most amount of money, aren’t they Simon? I’m not sure when they first became popular, but probably within the last 5 years or so – not that I’m very fashionable so I don’t know.


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