It’s very quiet around here

The Sage has gone off again on his journeyings – earlier in the week he was leaving on Saturday and returning on Sunday, but he seems to have managed to bag an extra day’s leave of absence.  He’s left me a couple of loaves for the chickens’ breakfasts, some grapes and a melon, as well as a bag of corn, for their lunch, and some extra little treats for their tea.  In addition, he’s filled their feeder with wheat and their bowl with water.

He’s been and bought extra supplies of food for Tilly and made up some new frames for Al’s bees.

I’ve checked his phone – he said he didn’t know how to answer calls, it seems he didn’t notice the two words in big print, one saying ‘answer’ and the other ‘decline’.  He hadn’t mentioned that the phone was on ‘silent’, however, which seems a more fundamental problem.  At least I know now why he never answered his phone.  I’ve also booked an advertisement in our favoured antiques magazine for the next sale.

He has kindly said I may use his laptop, as I’ve got to use a program that I’ve only got for a pc.  I hope it works all right, I’ve got to send a document to 25 people and the deadline is today, and I’ve not started work yet.  I’m slightly reluctant to get to grips with it, so am pretending it isn’t there.   I will get it done, of course.  Al and Dilly have kindly invited me in for a meal, which we’re having early with the children, so I’ll have the whole evening to work on it.  I shall also play very loud music (well, louder than I play when the Sage is here.  He never says anything, but I’m sure he hates some of the music I listen to).

4 comments on “It’s very quiet around here

  1. Z

    Bluegrass music, the thoughtful strummer (which would have to be my style were I to play the banjo) wouldn’t get a look-in.

    I’m afraid you’d probably have had your ears assailed. Looking back, the playlist included Nick Cave, Tom Waits, The Hold Steady, Okkervil River and (slightly oddly, I hated them at the time) T Rex, amongst others.

    You might like Shearwater though. Rook is fabulous, if bleak. I like a bit of misery in my music.


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