It’s the little things

I am in high good humour today. And for so little reason. I mean, no reason at all not to be cheerful, blessings are falling over themselves to be counted (if I allowed myself to think of the horrible backlog of work that will dismay me next week, my mood would plummet, but that’s not for now. I am not breaking deadlines yet.), but it is the little extras that need to be appreciated. It is, sometimes, similarly little incidents that can plunge one into a miserable mood and so, if you have a tendency to melancholy, it is all the more vital to take every opportunity to be happy.

Ah. I’ve broken the thread and talked too much. Sorry, I’ll start again.

I am in high good humour today. The smallest thing can tip one into cheerfulness, and today it was, simply, that the Sage had his mobile phone with him, charged up and switched on. I had a phone call, one of whole lots – what is it with phone calls? Have some people never heard of email? – and needed to check something with my husband. And I could. It took half a minute, I was able to relay the message and relax.

Otherwise, I would have waited anxiously until he arrived home, then he would have had to deal with the situation, having kept the person waiting in the meantime…..

Now, this doesn’t sound a reason for great joy. It just sounds normal. But the Sage doesn’t really like mobile phones as they apply to him. He likes being able to contact people on them, he expects me to have mine, just in case he wants a chat. He just doesn’t really see that I might be equally glad to know how to get hold of him. He had used it so little that his Sim card was disconnected and I had to buy him a new one, plus £20-worth of credit. This will probably last him two years.

Anyway, I was able to give him a happy and praiseful reception when he arrived home and hope (oh, will I ever learn?) that this lesson will be remembered next time he wants to come home to a smiling wife.

The second thing that made me cheerful, indeed it made me Laugh Out Loud, was Anna’s post today. It was over an hour ago that I read it, and I’m still chortling spasmodically, although the Sage is starting to look at me oddly and I maybe should go and do some work.

13 comments on “It’s the little things

  1. jen

    sometimes it’s the little things that please us the most. sage will undoubtably have seen the glowing look and want to come back for more.

    what the heck are sliming herbs, z?

  2. Z

    As he left the house again he said “I’ve got my phone with me in case you need me.” I’m sure his tail was wagging.

    I assumed sliming was a misspelling, but of course it could be a nice play on words – that you lose weight by rubbing on really slippery herbs.

  3. Anonymous

    I think I need to slime too…pass the herbs, dear, would you?

    Does Sage know you have a blog?

    Oh and I am glad you are (were? still are?) happy…now I feel happy too….and I am cooking a lovely cauliflower cheese a la Wendz for supper..if it turns out ok will post the piccies.

  4. Z

    Still happy, angel, hope you have a lovely evening.

    The Sage knows I have a blog but hasn’t the least inclination to read it! He thinks I’m a bit peculiar….doesn’t he know me well.

  5. Anonymous

    All of us bloggers are peculiar Z…how weird must we be to talk about ourselves everyday?

    So glad I edited that – major typoe in there originally…

    yes it has been a lovely evening…and I am off to bed to sleep off way too much red wine.


  6. Anonymous

    Well I asked almost everybody I saw this morning about your pommes boulangere and not one of them knew the story! They were baffled.

    So I came home and Googled it…btw your post is on page 1 of Google…and sure there are plenty of recipes but not one shred of the history of the dish.

    So I am none the wiser.

  7. Z

    I’m fine, thanks very much Wendz. Only just got up, however, a lie-in after Sale Day, which was very busy. I’ve got whole lots to write, but that may not be until this evening as my darling daughter is home for the day.


  8. Anonymous

    Oh good – I thought of you lot yesterday – hope it went well…and I have done you Random things tag….lots of waffle I’m afraid.

    Enjoy your you’re cooking up a storm.


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