It’s raining

The friend I mentioned the other day came here after all. I was looking after Squiffany and Pugsley at the time as their mother had gone to sort out details of the teaching post she’s taking up in September (a year’s part-time contract). The children went to meet Chris, who said hello. Squiffany gazed at him solemnly, sizing him up, and then she waved and smiled and returned his greeting. Later, they both danced for him, all around the dining room table, so I think he make a good impression.

Today, is Weeza’s moving day. Her in-laws are helping them move and they will all arrive with a vanload of furniture and boxes sometime during the early afternoon. The bigger items of furniture are arriving next weekend, when Phil will move too – he has one more week’s notice to serve out at his current job. Weeza was supposed to start maternity leave on Friday but, having done a handover to her replacement on Tuesday, she decided to call it a day. She’d finished everything she was supposed to do and she’d had enough, with only three weeks to go before her due date. They’ve been doing all the Londoners’ things for the last time in the last couple of weeks. There’ll be a lot to miss, but also a good many things they won’t miss at all. I suspect that public transport in the suburbs will be hard to adjust to. In the countryside, of course, it’s pretty well ignored. It’s clearly intended for pensioners and students, and the council think that they don’t much matter, so it’s not necessary to make it convenient and comfortable, let alone reasonably priced for the non-frequent user.

Although I’d have liked to spend a day at the festival, I’m not hardy enough nowadays for camping in the rain. The third heavy shower in the last couple of hours has started. Fortunately, Ro was well equipped with waterproofs, but I suspect he won’t venture out of his tent for a while this morning. I don’t imagine he’ll find it easy to sleep in late in this weather – or is it just that I couldn’t?

I’m on duty at the new house this morning, awaiting deliveries. Having woken up early, four hours ago and not slept since, I’ve cleaned the kitchen beautifully, but now must get ready to go. Have a good Saturday, one and all.

7 comments on “It’s raining

  1. Dave

    I wish I were moving (though not in the rain, obviously) rather than sitting in a house full of boxes, waiting to be given a moving date.

  2. I, like the view, still

    (I wish I’d had someone as wonderful as you to help me all the times I’ve moved when pregnant!)

    I’m sure the happy couple + bump know exactly how lucky they are

    hope you managed to get a good rest at the end of the day


  3. Dave

    Sitting, I should add, in a house full of boxes and no internet, so Unable to connect with my friends when at a loose end – only able to be here now thanks to church members aid.

  4. Z

    Thank you darling xx. Actually, it’s Weeza’s in-laws who really deserve the praise – they drove down from the Midlands to London yesterday, helped load the van and then came up to Norwich. They are all coming here to lunch, then Phil’s parents have a 4 hour drive home tonight.

    *Even bigger hug*, Dave.

  5. Z

    Sadly enough, at 4 in the morning the Sage was peacefully asleep. I cleaned the kitchen. I mean really, fuckitt, a decade ago I would have simply woken him up. Sheesh.


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