It’s October…

…and therefore we’ve lit the fire.  I remembered to book the chimney sweep in good time this year and he came along last week and swept our two chimneys (the third is hardly used, so doesn’t need frequent sweeping) and Rose’s one.  i’ve promised to remember to phone him as soon as we’ve finished with fires next spring, to be even more efficient.

It’s not so much that it’s cold as that we need a bit of cheering at this time of the evening in autumn.  We’ve been sitting out in the porch for the last few days in the sunshine, for morning coffee – the porch is actually a fairly sizeable glazed room, some 10 foot by 12 foot or so – and I had to change seats a couple of times because I was too hot.  But that was ten hours ago and now it’s a pleasure to smell wood smoke for the first time this autumn.

I’ve been thinking about music this evening, specifically that I’m not listening to enough of it.  I need music to reflect my mood, but I’ve got out of the way of putting anything on.  It’s always been a fairly solitary thing for me, unless I’ve been at a concert or whatever.  It was like reading a book, just for me.  Tim and I enjoy sharing what we like, though, but the wireless thingy that he bought, that both our computers connect with wirelessly, has had an update to its software – previously, we could both connect to it at the same time, but now whoever isn’t playing a track is logged out, so it’s really inconvenient to change.  So I don’t bother to use it.  I’m not sure how to get around this, but I need to.

3 comments on “It’s October…

    1. Z Post author

      I don’t actually care about the wireless thingy. I’m quite happy playing music from the computer or phone. This shocks Tim, as the quality isn’t up to his standard, so I don’t do it when he’s around. I played music via the phone in the car today, as I went to visit a friend 20 minutes away. That was all right.

  1. Tim

    My standard is fairly tolerant – after all, I learnt to listen to music on audio equipment even more primitive than an iPhone. But you can’t share music when only one person can hear it.


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