It’s déjà vu all over again

I had finally, after six years, got rid of the church rota.  But now the chap who has taken over the job is ill, and in hospital on holiday, which is worse, so I’ve said I’ll do the next one.  And of course I couldn’t possibly mind, he and his wife are kind and helpful and completely took over all my duties while I was out of action last winter.


The photos didn’t get taken today.  The IT boys couldn’t get the camera to work.  Heh.  No, we were all really nice about it.

Snow fell in Norwich and on Dave early in the morning, and on Somerleyton and maybe other places around here, but didn’t arrive in these parts until late morning, briefly, and then the sun shone.  Snow returned later, however.  It was quite thick on the car when I left the meeting just before 5.  I had to go to the supermarket, then for petrol, and every time I opened the car door more snow fell on me from the roof.  I was ever so glad I hadn’t gone on my bike (because I needed petrol) because it was slushy and slippery on the way home and I would have been afraid to bike it, with a porcelain hip.  It’s true, I’m more nervous of falling heavily than I ever was.  I could shatter.

The Sage took my and his tax stuff to the accountant this morning.  Dave will say this is months late, but it’s in plenty of time.  This evening, I asked if he’d said how much I was likely to owe (I paid tax for the first time evah last year).  The Sage said not, he’ll write.  “There’s plenty of money in the TSB” he said reassuringly.  “It’s all right, I’ve been saving up” I said, not without a hint of resourceful pride.  “So have I” he said, evidently not having had a lot of reliance on my forethought.

He just came in the room.  “What do you want for Christmas?” I asked.  “Ooh, what gadget do I want?” he said.  And then decided he was fairly gadgetted up for now.  He’s thinking about it.  He didn’t return the question, which might mean he’s already decided or, more likely, that he won’t think about it until he panics in four weeks’ time.  Actually, both of us are a bit too independent, if we really want something we buy it rather than mark it to be asked for.  Since we’re both pretty frugal, day to day, this rarely happens though, the shopping, I mean.  Though I couldn’t be doing with a husband who looked askance when I did buy something.  If I come home with something new, he’s really pleased.  We encourage each other to be frivolous.

10 comments on “It’s déjà vu all over again

  1. Anonymous

    You have a lovely husband (and so do I.)

    M sat for hours with me at an auction yesterday afternoon, in a great, big, freezing cold room, until my coveted painting came up – and he even agreed to my rather-over-the-top bidding limit.

    Luckily, we got it for considerably less. We were, however, frozen to the bone by then.

    And he drove back there today, uncomplaining, to pick it up and came home and handed it over with a big, happy smile.

    Here’s to wonderful husbands!


  2. Z

    No, he was ill on his arrival and pretty well went straight from the airport to the hospital. I haven’t heard for a few days what’s happened or if he’s out now.

  3. Roses

    Brrr….it’s definitely chilly out.

    I love that both of you are so supportive of each other. I agree, a husband who didn’t appreciate a bit of frivolity would be a terrible bore. Having had a couple of boyfriends/partners who were stingy, I can tell you in great detail how tedious it is. But I won’t bore you.

    Wendy’s auction story really made me smile.

  4. Z

    We egg each other on. We’ve never spent more than we have, even if we’ve sometimes spent more than we should – though we don’t do it often, fortunately. Still, I was sensible for 30 years while I still felt responsible for the children so now I don’t feel guilty about it at all if I indulge myself sometimes.

    *Raises teacup to Chris*

  5. luckyzmom

    I too have a generous husband. However, is difficult to think about bringing more into the house while you are thinking about how badly you need to clean the pile of excess in the garage.

  6. Z

    Oh darling, you might as well say that, when full of the main course, there’s no room for pudding. It is compartmentalised in a different area of the brain/stomach/home. Excess in the garage is one thing, something shiny and new is quite another!

    (I’m a terribly bad influence)


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