It’s all about meme

I was tagged. By How do we know

I can’t step outside myself and see what this says about me. Oh well. Here we go –

I am thinking about ….. now, and taking each day as it comes.
I said ….. a great deal. But nothing that mattered.
I want ….. my children to remain well and happy.
I wish ….. I were kinder.
I miss ….. people whom I have lost.
I hear ….. birdsong.
I wonder …… at people’s courage and optimism, whatever hits them or whatever they fear will happen. People are wonderful.
I am …… tenacious.
I dance …… awkwardly.
I sing …… when I’m happy. Particularly if I’m alone, as it’s only kind to spare other people from pain.
I cry ….. rarely. But when I do, it’s in bed, in the dark, quietly, and tears run down my face and coldly into my ears, which does not help me feel better.
I am not always …… to be seen with a glass in my hand, surprisingly.
I make with my hands …… expansive gestures. Which can be a bit disastrous when the glass is full. But as long as it’s never half empty, who cares.
I write about …… everything that comes into my mind. But not about my real feelings, they are a secret.
I confuse ….. the names of all my family. They all know to answer to any name at all, even if it’s that of the dog.
I need …… books. I love language, thoughts expressed. I need to read, to lose myself in stories weaved by strangers, to be soothed, uplifted, enthused, informed.
I should …… stop reading and writing and do some work.
I start …… eventually.
I finish …… what I start.

Do consider yourself tagged. But not as an imposition.
xx z

6 comments on “It’s all about meme

  1. How do we know



    I wish.. i was kinder.. and I cry.. they somehow strike me… they re so unlike the image i had of you.. 🙂

    but then again, like all people, i was also trying to imagine you in a single, linear way.. forgetting that all of us are, pretty much a little bit of everything… everyday!

  2. Z

    Well, I don’t cry often. It’s those annoying tears in the ears I can’t take. Although red and green eyes are quite striking!
    Don’t worry, I’m not actually unkind! Just that I know some really lovely people and I’ll never be as good as them.


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