It’ll be fun!

Well, since several of the most important people have said they are free, then that’s settled.  Saturday, 30th May, noon or so and let us know if you would like to stay over, because you would be very welcome.

I spent the day with Weeza and co – actually, the intention was to go early to accompany Zerlina to her riding lesson (I can’t remember if I said, but my Christmas present to her is riding lessons) but I got as far as Norwich when my phone rang.  I happened to be stopped at a red light and saw it was from Weeza, so pulled in and answered.  The lesson was cancelled because the ground was frozen, but I was half way there, so I carried on and Weeza and I turned out their big sitting room instead.  And then she cooked roast chicken for lunch and it was delicious.  I’ve had crumpets for tea, with halloumi cheese and tomato on the side, I didn’t want a proper meal.  Or I haven’t so far, it’s only 8 o’clock and I may be hungry again later.

I’m sorry to say, but have to admit that living on my own is easier than I expected, from a practical point of view.  Fetching fuel, clearing the grate, lighting the fire, emptying the bins, feeding the chickens, add half an hour to the day’s work perhaps and as much as that is saved in other ways.  Weeza and I agreed that we can’t really feel the Sage’s presence right now, it feels far more than five months since he died.  I hold on to good flashes of memory and one is from early June last year, a fortnight before the blog party, when we were starting to appreciate that something might be badly wrong.  I offered to postpone or cancel and he said no.  “I enjoy our blog parties, I’m looking forward to it,” he said.  He dearly loved a party, as do I and, with you lovely people here, it’ll be fun as always.  Well, I have fun, anyway.

11 comments on “It’ll be fun!

  1. Liz

    I have written “Blog party chez Z” in my diary for 30th May.

    I’ve lived on my own a lot in the past. The only time it was really an issue is if I was ill and that is only because my immediate family all live at least 100 miles away. Keep holding on to those flashes of good memory; there may be days when you need them. xx

    1. Z Post author

      Lovely, I’m so pleased you can come.

      Yes, when stomping out on a freezing morning to feed the chickens (or when lying in bed fancying a lie-in), I’ve thought about what I’d do if I had ‘flu. And my emotions are all over the place, I try to take them as they come and not expect anything.

  2. Z Post author

    It wedged itself shut last summer, I had an awful job opening it and thought I’d have to take a hatchet to it. I’m just using lock and key at present. So actually, I think I can open it and see if anyone can work out the secret from the other side of the door.


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