It’ll be fine…

I’m all out of kilter. I’m so tired in the evening that I go to bed early, so I wake for good earlier than I want to (I’m not fond of early rising) and get up, which makes me tired by the evening. Last night, I went to bed at 8.30, which is just ridiculous, especially in the summer, when it’s still light.

Still, all ready for the blog party, except for the actual food. I’ll shop and cook tomorrow and then only have the last-minute stuff for Saturday. Wink has offered to help, so it won’t be too strenuous.

Of course, I’m off to Pembrokeshire with Ro and the children on Monday, first thing, so I’ve got stuff to get ready for that too. I must find up the caravan notebook, where I’ve listed what I need to take – Tim always made notes, having learned from experience that you don’t remember from one trip to the next. I’m not sure which safe and sensible place I chose for the book, however. I know I need more towels and a single duvet would be easier than the double one that’s already there, for the sofa bed. I’m not going to fuss. It’ll be fine. Some rain is forecast there for next week – if only it would come here – but that’s usual. It rarely rains all day and the caravan is so close to the beach that we can go there whenever the weather suits. There’s something I can’t put my finger on about the attraction of the place. I understand why Tim loved it so much.

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    1. Z Post author

      I think I’ll be so exhausted that I will have to sleep! Apparently, the children wake early. I’ll tuck them into bed with me and turn on the tv, so that their father can have a lie-in.


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