It was a Saturday night like JonnyB’s!!(!)

The phone rang! Ring, ring, ring!!(!)

No one had remembered to tell us until this morning that tonight was to be the Denton Annual Quiz. We were not in the least deterred by the realisation (hmm) that we had been completely overlooked, but acknowledged that, as it’s a Saturday night, obviously we were all free and said we’d go.

I went to ask Ro if he would like to come. He was working on his computer. It was actual techie sort of stuff, I didn’t understand anything written on the screen. He said he had work to do so he wouldn’t come. In that case, I said, would he babysit? I outsmarted him there, I think…

We didn’t do as well as usual, coming about half-way down the field, but maybe they have been practising. Last year we came second. Mind you, we were the only other team of four, the others all had at least six. We found we didn’t mind. The drinks are splendidly cheap there. A pint of lager, a pint of proper beer, a J2O and a Bacardi Breezer came to £5.50.

6 comments on “It was a Saturday night like JonnyB’s!!(!)

  1. Dandelion

    That’s incredibly cheap! Are you sure the pub people didn’t undercharge you?

    It sounds like your team performed quite respectably. I am thinking of the poor people who came last.

  2. Z

    No, the village doesn’t have a pub, so the village hall has a licence and there is a social club every Friday night, run by a rota of approved volunteers. They open the bar for other events too, and don’t have to make a commercial profit.

    We’re used to coming in the top three, so didn’t do too well really! It’s very light-hearted however and the booby prize winners were showing it off very cheerfully.


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