It gets worse

Dilly and Al say it’s not their wedding anniversary. This must mean that it’s El and Phil’s. Oh dear.

We* are mortified.

*This is not a Royal We. The Sage and I are both grovelling in a state of extreme embarrassment. El and Phil are out this evening too, but I bet they keep the Sage’s awkward phone message to giggle over when they feel mischievous.

9 comments on “It gets worse

  1. Z

    One couple’s anniversary is the 19th and the other’s is the 24th August. One child-in-law’s birthday is 2nd September and the other is 5th. I’ve got that one sussed, and Dilly and I agree that the way to remember it is that 2×5=10 (our three birthdays) but we have oopsed this one!

  2. Dave

    Although I can remember most important dates, being the organised sort of bloke that I am, I keep a list (in date order) of all important dates, and keep it, at a point a week ahead of the next one coming up, in my desk diary (a week ahead so that I have time to get a card and post it)

  3. The Boy

    I’m always missing birthdays, and though I always remember my own anniversary, never ever remember anyone elses. I can so see myself doing this when the kids get married.

  4. AFC 30K

    I have entered all my important dates in to my Outlook calender, which of course syncs with my PDA.

    Voila; Reminders on the saturday before the important date so I am able to to go to town and get a card!

  5. Arabella

    But you don’t get their names mixed up, I’ll bet. It was amusing (eventually) to watch my mother reel out a list that included my brother-in-law, before she finally found the correct name.

  6. Z

    I kindly remind the family when an important date is coming up, because it’s better than waiting until someone forgets and then being disappointed.

    afc 30k, you are perfect and an example to us all, in a slightly scary way.

    Boy, as long as your wife remembers anyone who matters’ birthday, you can get away with it.

    Arabella, I certainly do. My daughter-in-law, my granddaughter and my dog’s names all start with T, and I never get them right. Mind you, my children always said they didn’t mind being called by each other’s names, but they didn’t much care to be mistaken for the dog. They quite liked the Bonios though.


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