Is it July already?

An interesting day, and I enjoyed it. A beautiful setting for the house, which has been beautifully and sympathetically restored. It belongs to Sir Henry M00res (of the L11tlew00ds family) – who was there today himself and came and had a chat. I liked his collection of Chinese artetfacts and the Folk Art section best.

The Sage had my dinner cooked for me when I arrived home. He greeted me at the door with a glass of chilled wine. How well he knows how to please me, and how effectively he does it. He then sent me down the drive with the green wheely bin as, he said, dinner was at a critical stage and he couldn’t go himself. I had rather planned for my first visit to be to the loo, but I managed to contain myself for a few more minutes.

Tomorrow. Yes. Oh blimey, the year carries on regardless, doesn’t it? Does everyone feel as swept away by it as I do?

10 comments on “Is it July already?

  1. Z

    Sadly, no, Ziggi. I claim my due share of credit mind you, for all these years of appreciation.

    I get a shock at the start of every month at what I didn’t finish the previous one.

  2. Rog

    I think, Ziggi, if he makes his good lady piss in a wheely bin on her return home then he’s not QUITE perfect….

  3. Z

    Oh Rog, you are quite dreadful. Of course I did no such thing, even if it was the recycling bin.

    Cheers, LOM, I feel much better now (read that drily)

  4. Aleesuhn_Muhree

    It doesn’t feel like July here in America, I can tell you that. It has been over cast and rainy for the past three days–some fourth of July this is going to be. . .


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