If it’s shaped like a pear…

Then it must have been our morning.  It was me, I’m afraid, that caused it, but it was not entirely my fault as the Sage had told me he’d wired in a large area for Ben, and it wasn’t as large as he’d given the impression of, and I let him off the lead too early.  He was overjoyed at a sunny day and a stream to play in and wouldn’t come back.  I’ll spare you details of the merry dance he led us for an hour, but in the end it occurred to me to go round to a neighbour of Gill and Andy and ask to borrow her dog.  Ben came straight away.  He was wet and muddy and I simply shut him in the porch with his bed and a bowl of water, because we were already half an hour late.

We were taking a friend out for lunch – our mutual friend, Mike, whose husband’s funeral we went to last year.  On the way, the Sage phoned to tell her to expect us later than planned, and all was fine.  We had a very good lunch (Ben was being walked later by a friend, we weren’t leaving him all day) and then went on to visit Al and co.  I had, most remarkably, remembered to put Easter eggs etc in the car.  I haven’t got around to buying Al a birthday present mind you, his birthday is on Tuesday and I’ll have to get that sorted out.  He’s even less interested in birthdays than I am, so it doesn’t matter too much.

It was a lovely morning, quite warm compared to what we’ve been used to, and I didn’t take a coat – which was okay until we went for a walk this afternoon with the children.  My dress was reasonably warm and I had on a short wool jacket, but I was freezing by the time we got back, especially my hands.  Al and Squiffany had made hot cross buns, most impressively, and then I nipped back home to take Ben out and feed him before going back for supper.

Tomorrow, flower arranging.  Gill is an expert flower arranger, which I am not, but in her absence I’ve been roped in to do the altar flowers.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Flowers are beautiful by their nature, I can’t mess it up that much, surely?

6 comments on “If it’s shaped like a pear…

  1. martina

    Everyone around here is smiling and happy because it is nearly 60 degrees and sunny.
    Zoe, there is no doubt that your Easter flower arranement for church will be superb.
    Happy Easter!

  2. janerowena

    I went to my very first demonstration of flower-arranging at Bury St.Edmunds flower-arranging club last month, it was hilarious and not at all what I was expecting, so I came away none the wiser and shall continue to be the only one on the flower rota who just plonks vast bunches of flowers (that at least harmonise) in a fashion that looks more zealous than zen.

  3. Z

    Well, I didn’t know we’d be going for a walk! I was too warm in the morning, and we only went from car to pub with Maggie.

    She’s lovely, isn’t she? The Sage used to go and meet her and Eric quite regularly for lunch, but it was the first time he’s suggested I go to (we don’t do a lot together).

    I’m reasonably competent, John, no more than that.

    The patter is excellent, isn’t it, Jane? They’re real entertainers. I used to go with my mother to her flower club sometimes. I did pick up some tips, though. And I insist that there’s no snobbery over flower arranging, if someone is kind enough to go on the rota then they can do it any way they want – flowers look lovely as they are, sometimes better than being tortured into shape.


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