Right now, I have a dip in energy and it is terribly tempting to go to bed.  I know from experience that I will regret it, so I need to hang on for an hour, and then I’ll bounce back.  At the moment, I’m doubting that I can, so I’ll write as quickly as possible.

The Sage is out.  He has gone to pay a large cheque to the owner of the star lot, and other lots, in the last sale.  There is no regret in paying it, he will have his commission and never owned the items, but was just the expert agent.

Today, I went and bought some more plants, and now have several tubs and bowlsful in the porch, which is looking lovely.  Soon, of course, it will be too cold to want to sit in there, but no matter.  The jolly good thing is that cleaning is easy.  Sweep or wash the floor, and brush the debris outside.  No need to pick up.

I wonder if any of you clever people can identify this plant for me, please? –

Frost caught the flowers, though there are more buds.  The seed head is as spiky as it looks.  I feel that I recognise the leaves, but can’t place them.  It’s self-seeded.

Weeza came over today, I’ve spent a long time cuddling Hay and Gus, and being smiled at joyously.  I feel most wonderfully happy as a consequence.

And I have played the clarinet.  About an hour in total today.  Still rubbish, but I realise that my standards are rising.  In fact, my lips are not sore, I don’t need a cigarette paper, my thumb doesn’t hurt. I know all the notes again and am playing with much more assurance, although still not well.  I’m not ready to consider lessons, which would be too depressing, but not ready to give up either.

I have not had time to visit many blogs recently, and have commented on fewer.  I’m so sorry, I will catch up before too long.  In the meantime, I hope all is well with you, darlings.

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