I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Dutch national anthem before

So, I’ve pulled myself together because I’m not at all silly.  I’ve bought yoghurt and fruit and have eaten all sorts of things, even though I haven’t been very hungry.  I’ve also had a constructive conversation with our GP on the phone, having sent him a letter (I always think that putting things in writing is so clear, saves the ‘what you say isn’t what they hear’ thing).  He will contact various people and phone me back, I’m now keeping a food diary for R.

Tomorrow should be jolly – a meeting first thing, and I’ve warned R that he needs to be up early enough for me to have cooked his breakfast by 9.15 at the latest, and then coffee with our retired Head.  And Cake, he assures me, so not eating breakfast will be just fine.  In the evening, I’m having supper with friends.  R doesn’t mind me being out, he dozes most of the time anyway.

The football – oh dear!  I started by rooting for Germany, but after a short time I just didn’t want them to humiliate Brazil any more, and I know many others felt the same.  One could only be glad that one goal went the other way.  Of course, I really want Holland to win, but tough matches to come.  Or possibly just one tough match, the semi-final is about to start.

It became very windy after lunch and so I got a lot of stuff out that has to be ironed, thinking I’d spend the afternoon with a film on tv, doing something useful.  Well, useful things were done, but the ironing hasn’t been started yet.  I shall go and start on that now.

2 comments on “I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Dutch national anthem before

  1. 63mago

    To have penalties to decide the match is really unfair to both teams. Why not toss a coin ?
    So it’s Argentina, and The Netherlands third. It seems unlikely that the Brazilians will remember until Saturday what to do with that rolling object.

  2. Z Post author

    They could just force them to keep on playing until someone scores! Anyway, hooray for Germany – I hope I don’t jinx them by switching allegiance.


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