I didn’t mean it how it sounded…..

You know how it is when a chance remark really upsets someone? Fortunately, upset person had the good sense to say so, and I was able to apologise: there was something of a misunderstanding in fact, as what I said was taken in somewhat the wrong way, but there was enough meat on the bone, as it were, for a simple ‘sorry’ to be better than a long explanation. Unsettling all round though, I don’t like making someone unhappy, or to have them worried about me.

And my sister had a motorcyclist go into the side of her car the other day; she pulled out from a junction and he came round the corner fast; probably about 50:50 blame there. Neither of them was hurt, which is all that really matters, but she’s very shocked and upset still, not surprisingly. I was in a meeting when she rang; luckily I’d forgotten to turn my phone off, as talking to her was more important than the meeting, and I was right by the door and could slip out (this is not something I normally do, of course, I switch it off).

A gorgeous day, I’ve been thinking of my mother. She hated hot weather with a real passion and would have been saying “dreadful weather, you can’t breathe” just as you were settling down with a long drink and a good book on the lawn. She was a Land Girl in the war, so she must have coped with all weathers then, but her thermostat went wrong in later years.
I’ve had a lovely day, I shelved all plans to be useful and simply relaxed. A barbecue tonight, once I’ve done the watering. We had delicious spinach, broad beans, artichokes, new potatoes and courgettes, all village- or home-grown, last night. It is not a good gardening year at all for me, most of the french beans and nearly all the peas dried up and frizzled in the June sunshine, but one takes the good years with the bad, and I didn’t have a good start in any case as I was so late. I’m so pleased with the seed catalogue I mentioned the other day; next year I am going to rekindle my gardening enthusiasm by growing lots of unusual varieties – they have any number of interesting seeds.
I will, no doubt, enthuse about this another time (memo – limited interest only, one for most of you to miss).

I hope you had a very good weekend.

2 comments on “I didn’t mean it how it sounded…..

  1. Geena

    I have such a big mouth I am always upsetting people unintentionally…:-(

    BTW – this is my new blog…Hey Jude…

    Wendz (Dreamer)


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